Boho Beach

We can start with the basics: a tunic/kimono dress. An oversized poncho in a light shade or a shift/flowy dress lets the breeze right in, keeping you cool. The light shades are good to look for when shopping for oversized clothes, especially with the beach, in order not to drown you in the fabric and to avoid the ruthless sun. Light shades let the light shine through while complementing a nice tan. A yellow brings a happy aura around you while a light pink compliments your skin tone. For those who like to have less fabric, shift dresses are ideal; the shift style still allows for a chill vibe but is a bit more fitted to the body. Any shade of color goes well with boho shift dresses, but the ideal summer colors would be a bright blue or blazing orange, summer is all about bringing more color into your day, in contrast to the winter months. Flowy dresses are my preference, letting my skin breathe but not too baggy, simple and chic. Simply printed bohemian dresses add the extra touch to my outfit: hand painted flowers bordering the neckline and the hem of the dress are enough to finish off the outfit.

Want to show off some of your new bathing suits while still covering up? Flowy sari pants are the way to go. Flowy pants never go out of style as they make your legs look like they go on for miles. Accent your bathing suit by bringing out the undertones or detailed colors with a complementary colored pant. A rich red pant coordinated with the small red detailing of your top brings out your tan and looks stunning along the water. Want to show your inner yogi? Wear the perfect bottoms that work for the lovers of yoga and the beach. Pants of lightweight recycled silk fabric with a cinched bottom and a bright pattern do amazing things for the transition from morning yoga to a beach day.

Party Dressing Ideas

If just making a good impression is the idea then simple dresses and co-ords can work effortlessly.

  • First thing to consider is the occasion and time of the party as this sets the tone for dressing up. Day celebrations favor comparatively lighter designs, allowing a simple look to do the trick. This one allows for a more relaxed party dress topped with some light make-up. Addition of simple accessories can further accentuate the look making it all the more pleasurable, but that is totally up to the wearer.
  • On the other hand, if the party is at night, you can go for a dressier, classier appearance. Opt for a nice gown, a pleated dress or a smart playsuit to look simply amazing.
  • Standing out in a party, but in a good way is important. Try and stick to your personal style and avoid going too overboard as it may fetch discomfort and you may not end up enjoying the party. For instance, a pair of bejeweled sneakers is a good choice for ladies who aren’t comfortable wearing heels.
  • It is always better to combine your existing clothes and create unique styles than buying a new outfit.
  • When it comes to choosing accessories, elegant, dainty designs work well for an evening event. For night parties you can glam up your look with chunky, statement pieces. Large hoops, broad belts, and earrings can make even the simplest outfit look party ready.
  • The next in line is shoes and bags. Either match them or create the perfect clash. Pick a color from the outfit and match your shoes and bags with it or just take whatever you like as nowadays pretty much everything works!
  • To make the party look more unique, you can add a personal style statement to it. Like a headband, some embellishments in your hair or tribal accessories can render a uniqueness to your look.
  • Besides outfit, styling your hair is another key factor to nail a party look. You can try a variety of things from simply straightening your hair to going for intricate braids to achieve a more glamorous look. For a sexier appearance try on beach waves or tight ringlets, whatever suits the occasion.

Girl’s Dress Coats

Another option is a fur lined or completely faux fur coat. This variety of girls dress coats will keep a little girl quite toasty. This stylish outerwear comes in everything from neutral shades to bright, exciting colors and patterns.

On the other hand, more conservative types might favor classic style girls dress coats. These coats sometimes are long, tweed pieces, which remind many of the fashions.

Matching accessories are a must for girls dress coats. A hat, scarf and gloves or mittens in a shade that contrasts the coat’s color complements an ensemble. Many stores display matching winter accessories just beside the coats.

Furthermore, when searching for a girls coat, remember to consider how fast your girl is growing. If she seems to be experiencing a growth spurt, then opting for a less expensive coat would be your best bet. Corky and Company coats particularly offer generous room and cuffed sleeves for growing girls.

Topping off a little girl’s formal outfit with a cute girls dress coat is the icing on the cake. Perhaps you’ve seen how unkempt a special occasion dress appears under a puffy jacket. With so many options available in a plethora of styles at reasonable prices, every girl should have a dress coat in her closet.

American Girl Fashions

If you are on a budget, Target’s website sells Our Generation dolls, which are also 18″ tall. They can fit in the same things that American Girls can fit in and are a good alternative if your little girl just has to have a doll where she can fix her hair, but with a lot lower prices. These dolls generally cost under $30. You can find clothes and other accessories for them as well.

If your little girl just has to have the real thing, then indulge her, but save on the clothes and accessories. She doesn’t have to have just American girl brand clothes for her doll. There are many places that sell alternatives to these expensive clothes for a fraction of the cost. You can find doll clothes for $2-$25 that are just as beautiful as the ones at the A.G. Store.

For example, Little Adventures sells a line of princess costumes for little girls that have exact match doll dresses. Cinderella doll dresses and Sleeping Beauty doll clothes are the most popular. But, many of the other doll dresses come with fun and interesting accessories. The princess Snow White doll dress comes with a matching sequin cape and a red bow for her hair and the Medieval princess doll dress in deep purple comes with a matching cone hat that is really cute! Their dresses are only $16 and often go on sale during the holidays or in off-seasons. If the price wasn’t enough, these 18 inch doll clothes are machine washable, so if your little girl has a tea party or birthday with her doll and gets tea, punch, or birthday cake on her doll dress, mom can throw it in the wash and it will be as good as new! The princess doll clothes from Little Adventures are also designed to fit plush animals such as Build a Bear.

Hang up her clothes with doll hangers you can find on eBay for about 50 cents. You can find doll clothes armoires for clothes storage.

After she’s dressed, your little girl will want to fix her doll’s hair. You will find that the American Girl brand brushes are the best ones to use to protect their hair. Did you know that if your doll’s hair gets cut or ruined that you can send in the head to A.G. and get it replaced with a new one! They have amazing customer service and your little girls can use their own hair accessories in their doll’s hair or buy new ones at the store for them to wear in their hair.

Fashion is important for girls and she will go to every effort to dress her own doll just how she would like to look, so splurge on the doll and conserve with the clothes and you will find a happy compromise between mom and daughter and you will find her pretending for hours with her fun new doll!