Hats That All Women Should Have In Their Closet

In Australia hats are a wardrobe staple. You need a hat to go with every circumstance and outfit and don’t want to be stuck having to choose between sunburn or an outfit ruining hat choice! Sunhats are essential sun protection in the harsh Aussie sunshine, ARPANSA in Australia states that wearing a hat that gives good UV protection is an important preventative measure to help reduce risks of sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer.  Besides that, you can use it to upgrade your look and style instantly.  Additionally, there are many types of headpieces, including hats and caps you can choose from. So, find out different kinds of hats you should have in your closet here:

  1. Plain Natural Straw Hat

This hat is usually designed for women although the large versions with a higher crown are now popular with Australian men. The plain straw hat is also popular with another name, Panama hat. The extended rim of the hat will entirely block sunlight to your face, making it the perfect option for summer attire. Meanwhile, the deep crown of the plain straw hat will avoid it falling easily. They often come with pretty ribbons and decorations making it look even more glamorous and attractive.

  1. Crochet Hat

This type of hat will be perfect the most if you want to look different from your pals. The design of the hat just goes to prove that crochet is not just for grannies! Interestingly, you can find crochet hats with different patterns and colors in the market now from sunhat styles to the more usual beanies for colder weather. Instead of looking “old”, the hat will make you look more artistic, free spirited and alternative. Crochet beanie hats will be a great option to wear during Australia’s winter season which happens in June – August.

  1. Caps

Sporty and incredibly popular, caps can be worn with most casual daily outfits as well as pretty much all sporty and activewear clothing types. Perfect when you are out and about exercising, walking, shopping or exploring, you can even get caps with straps to wear in the surf. Cap style hats are comfortable and no nonsense, easy to wear and less likely to be blown away, snap back caps can even hold your ponytail through the gap at the back. The range, colours, patterns and styles of caps available is absolutely enormous so you are sure to find a cap to suit so many occasions and outfits.

  1. Colorful Braided Straw Hat

The colorful braided straw hat will be perfect the most if you want to add colors to your fashion and look more eye-catching. This is one of the Australian hats and caps  that will be perfect for the summer holidays. You can easily see it used by people when they are on the beach or relaxing around the pool. Find yourself looking gorgeous in a thin beach dress and a pair of pretty sandals with this colorful hat on your head. This type hat is typically made of straw that are dipped in different colors.

Hopefully, you can find the right hat for yourself and every outfit.

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